zaterdag 17 juli 2010


It's so hard for me to understand you really like me. And I never thought this could be so hard, but it's so hard to believe that someone likes you when you don't even like yourself. I wish I could give it all, I really do. I wish I could give all my love to you. You tell me I don't believe how much you like me, you tell me you wish I would only know half as much as you love me now.

I never knew being loved by someone could feel this bad. I just wish I could be sure I'm more than just an option.


zondag 11 juli 2010

So true at this moment

You’re scared, because you don’t understand. I’m scared, because I do.

story of my life

No matter what happens I’ll make it. If I’m not happy I’ll fake it. I’ve been through backstabbers, boys, and lies. I got a whole list of bitches I despise. So if you got my trust don’t lose it. If you got my love don’t abuse it.