woensdag 30 maart 2011

my perfect life in summer days

I'm sorry I'm not like those other girls that just drop their dignity at your feet.
If opportunity ain't there, make one. They ain't give me a chance, so I had to take one
I’m inspired when a woman doesn’t have to be extra sexy to be sexy, but lets her personality show more than her assets

zondag 27 maart 2011

It's just a matter of time till you reveal your disguise. I swear that I read between the lines and see your criminal mind. I dont wanna let go but I promised myself I would leave this game behind. We got criminal minds.
Everybody's thinking I was just too scared to love you, you've got them all believing that I folded under pressure
This way of saying goodbye hurted, cutted deep. But it hurts me more even my mom noticed how soon you left. The way you left. It hurts when other people start to notice this isn't right.
I think the hardest part of this whole situation is that neither of us knows what’s going on. Neither of us knows what the other is thinking. And we are both trying to make decisions on something we don’t really know.
That’s the problem with us. We’re too much alike. We’re stubborn asses and always want to get our way. We both hate to be wrong and love to be right. But that’s the thing about love: no matter what happens, we always come back for each other one more time