zaterdag 4 december 2010


The couple that fights the most is the one most in love… It shows they care enough to notice the other one screwed up and care enough to mention it to the person so they can fix it. When you stop fighting, it means you stopped caring.


nothing's quite that bad

You see it all in my smile, you hear it all in my laugh, the way I walk.I know I'm no longer sad. I've got reason to smile more now than I've ever had.
I open up my eyes and realize that nothing's quite that bad.

I'm keeping tears out of my eyes.
Unless happiness will be the reason that I decide to cry.



You know it's love when you've been saying goodbye for the last half our but you're still not ready to leave

vrijdag 3 december 2010

love this part


A three word statement does not justify the importance that you have in my life. Instead of saying ‘I love you’, I want you to know that no statement in the English language can captivate the very essence of how much I truly treasure your existence.

donderdag 2 december 2010



Did you ever fall for someone you know you shouldn't?
Try hard to fight your feelings, but you just couldn't?
You fall deeper with each passing day,
But try to hide it in every possible way.

never knew it would feel this good baby

I only long for you. I'll never take you for granted, boy I'll always be here. Of all the people on this planet only you can take me there. Only when I'm with you my life just gets bet better, only with you my love is forever. Only when I'm with you each moment I treasure.


I settled for what I deserved.

I complain a lot about you, I hate the way you bring me down, I hate the way you lie, I hate the way other girls lay in your arms, I hate the way you can't seem to make time for me, I hate the way you act when you're drunk but I deserve it. No, I really do. You act exactly the way you should. I know myself, oh yes I do. Without all this struggle, without all this pain you leave me once in while, I would had already give up on us. I would had never know how much I'd really love you. I settled for what I deserved. Because there are times when you make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world, I love the late night 'I love you' texts, I love the way you hold my hand, I love the way you whisper all the right things in my ear. You treat me like you should.

dinsdag 30 november 2010


No matter how imperfect your flaws are, you will always be the perfect person for me.

zondag 28 november 2010

im back

Listen, I don't wanna fight, I would rather kiss you.
Come into this room and let me show you how much i miss you. What I gotta do? to show you that i need you. Baby im back, do whatever you want me to.

I know it's gonna hurt me more than it hurts you

Can't live without you,
It's something about you
That makes me wanna stick around & stay settled down
Even if it kills me but I can't.

I keep second guessing myself, why
does it have to be so hard to let you go...

easy way

Sometimes it’s easier to say you don’t care 
instead of trying to explain every reason 
why you still do.