vrijdag 10 september 2010

not sure &#$(%

I know that he loves me, cause he told me so
I know that he loves me, cause his feelings show
When he stares at me, you see he cares for me
You see how he is so deep in love

I know that he loves me cause it's obvious
I know that he loves me cause it's me he trusts
And he's missing me, if he's not kissing me
And when he looks at me his brown eyes tell his soul


Sometimes, all you need to do is to let loose and break a few rules. Or a lot.

a real woman knows a real man always comes first

If you treat me fairly
I'll give you all my goods
Treat you like a real woman should
Baby I know you're worth it

donderdag 9 september 2010


if you're lucky, if you're the luckiest person on the entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back.


Dear whoever is reading this. I hope you have a reason to smile today.

dinsdag 7 september 2010

give me one more drink

give me one more drink
and i swear i'll be ready
to make the same mistakes with you again...

maandag 6 september 2010

living this teenagedream

What’s teenage love? It’s staying up late for each other and barely staying awake in class the next day. It’s passing each other between classes and stopping to just say hi, and ending up being late to your next lesson. It’s going shopping, wandering round hand in hand with a silence that’s comfortable. It’s watching a movie with his arm slowly creeping onto your shoulders, and you resting your head in his arms. It’s walking around at night for no reason at all; his chest, her head, looking at the stars. It’s being uncertain as to how long it will last, a risk you’re both willing to take, even if it means you’ll end up with a broken heart. It’s not yet true love, not like, not lust, not infatuation. It’s teenage love, here to stay, here to play with our hearts and never to go away.

zondag 5 september 2010


"Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are in the most unlikely places. Those who don't look for magic will never find it." -Roald Dalh

Don't you know he is some kind of wonderful?

I don't need a whole lotta money. I don't need a big, fine car I got everything that a girl could want. I got more than I could ask for. I don't have to run around, I don't have to stay out all night. Cause I got a sweet, sweet lovin man and he knows just how to treat me right.

See, my baby, he's alright See, my baby, we're so tight

Let me tell you one more thing. Now, when he holds me in his arms he sets my soul on fire. And, ooh, when my baby kisses me my heart becomes filled with desire. When he wraps his loving arms around me he almost drives me out of my mind. I get these funny little feelings inside of me, chills run up and down my spine.

Now, hold on, let me know just one more thing:
Is there anyone out there with a sweet loving man like mine?