dinsdag 9 oktober 2012

I've got restless in my soul and an untamed heart that's use to letting go
I'll go along with pretending this thing between us is temporary and casual, but every time we're together it feels too right to be temporary or casual.
The stars would never hurt her, never lie, never desert her

Santa Fe, take me back

One by one, my strings-they tangled into knots, and ever since that day, deep in Santa Fe, I've learned to hate myself for giving everything away.
intoxicated with the madness, i'm inlove with my sadness
People say hate is a strong word, but so is love and people throw that around like it's nothing
Don't worry. You may think you'll never get over it, but you also thought it would last forever.
Did you ever do this, you think back on all the times you've had with someone and you just replay it in your head over and over again and you look for those first signs of trouble?
"We had each other when we had the feeling we had nothing, we had one night. And even though it ended the same night, I think we gave each other the energy to look futher. To go on. And even tough we moved on and found somebody else, I wonder if you ever think of me, and hate the pang I feel when I tell myself you don't."
"You are my first love, && I want more than anything for you to be my last." I guess... these memories make it so hard.
"&& some nights i’m scared you’ll forget me again"
He’s devastated me, but he’s also made me happier than I’ve ever been.
Don’t act like I didn’t fight for you. I did. Hard, and for a long time. So please, forgive me, if now that we’re over I’m exhausted.
If you didn't fail you exams we'd never met I said. 'If so, do you think we would not be together right now?' I don't know... I said. 'I think we do, I think we'd figured out a way to meet each other' he said.